Book 4 Chapter 471

Let's Leave Together

"No!" Leguna shook his head.

While Kurdak wouldn't want him to face off against Alfreid and could endure it, Leguna couldn't. Alfreid had tortured Vera to that point and almost caused an unmendable rift between him and Kurdak, not to mention making Manhattan and Lamir disappear.

It would have been one thing if he were powerless to do anything, but he was the head of the most powerful intelligence agency on the continent and had close ties with Alissanda. While his status might appear inferior to Alfreid on the surface, he believed he at least had to try.

"Alright, I know you, so I know trying to talk you out of it won't work," Kurdak said, feeling a little helpless. He put a hand on Leguna's shoulder and seriously said, "Just...

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