Book 4 Chapter 470

Admitting Defeat

The coachman stopped the carriage and bowed to Annelotte and Leguna after he dismounted before leaving without a word. The coachman was the usual one who drove Leguna around. Due to the sensitive nature of the matter, Leguna got someone he could trust to serve him.

After the coachman left, the curtains of the carriage windows were pushed open slightly. A beautiful face fit for a sculpture peeked out of it. She was none other than Eirinn.

"Big Brother," she greeted softly, before turning to say something to those inside the carriage.

A few seconds later, Eirinn got off the carriage, followed by Kurdak and Vera.

"Sis Vera…" Leguna breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her. Even though Alfreid had promised to let her go, he wasn't willing to trust that old fox so easily. Who knew what he could've done behind...

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