Book 4 Chapter 469


Leguna stood expressionlessly on the platform and looked down to the bound huge man, feeling nothing but a slight hint of apologeticness.

He didn't have Eirinn and Innilis come along as they definitely wouldn't want to bear witness to what was about to transpire. Annelotte had been mad at him since their argument. There was no escaping an apology after the matter was dealt with. But since Annelotte had lost quite a lot of memories, even he wasn't sure if his usual tricks would work.

The guillotine had been raised to its highest point. the large man was kneeling before the instrument and he looked up and saw Leguna.

When their gazes crossed, Leguna looked at him and gave a nod.

It was worth it, the large man thought when he saw Leguna's nod.

After that, the blade fell and cut off his head. Blood spurted out from the...

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