Book 4 Chapter 467


"You still came in the end, huh?" Kurdak said to Leguna, "I know it's about time you gave me a kick when I'm down. Come on! I'll never bow my head to you!"

"Tell me the truth," Leguna expressionlessly said.

"The truth is as you see it. Do you still doubt it right now?" Kurdak looked as if he didn't know what Leguna was talking about.

"Tell me!" he said in a low growl. He felt like people were always lying, friend or foe alike. Kurdak on the other hand always tried to take on the burdens himself and shielded Leguna from all troubles.

Sometimes, he was really thankful for that. But always being kept in the dark or protected frustrated him greatly. How could he, the head of the bureau, be the most clueless person in the whole thing?

The reason it happened in the first place was due to the loophole in Fort Kesta. To make up for it, Leguna invested...

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