Book 4 Chapter 466

Finding the Truth

"Stop trying to persuade me!" Leguna said with a frustrated wave of his hands. Innilis and Eirinn would come to him over the past few days and do all they could to change his mind about saving Kurdak, but he still refused to do so.

However, Annelotte stopped trying after the first attempt. She was rather mad over the past few days and couldn't be bothered with the unreasonable Leguna. However, as the principal of a magic academy, she did hear about some rumors on the matter. While the bureau looked like it wasn't doing much about it, small actions were actually being taken here and there.

For instance, the bureau head often kept in contact with Alissanda and Larwin. Eirinn also said that Leguna wouldn't sleep until it was late in the night. Though, it wasn't that she was spending nights in the same room he was. Eirinn was just...

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