Book 4 Chapter 465

Alfreid's Scheme

"If you're trying to puzzle me with nonsense, I advise you to stop!" Alfreid seemed rather annoyed by the sight of Kurdak's intense pondering.

Even though he had many questions about Balor, Kurdak knew that there were more important things to discuss. He organized his thoughts and said, "Then, let's hear your real goal."

"My goal is simple: to eliminate you," Alfreid said without hesitation.

"If that really were the case, there'd be no sense in talking to me like that," he said, unmoved.

"Smart. I was only trying to set the mood with that," he said with a rare smile.

"Alright, then. Tell me. What do you want to let Vera, and perhaps even me, go?" Kurdak wasn't humored by Alfreid's joke. He seemed rather annoyed by it, in fact.

"Let you...

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