Book 4 Chapter 464

Kurdak's Background

Kurdak gradually regained consciousness. The cold stone bed made him shiver as there was only a thin layer of straw laid on the bed. While those would stick on one's body during summer due to the sweat, it was pathetic and keeping warm during winter.

Even so, the feeling of sleeping on straw and hard stone made him reminisce, causing him to fall into a slight daze.

After recalling what had happened to him, he was surprised to find that there was no injury on him. The wounds he got from fighting Geoffrey were mostly healed. It was incredibly odd. He knew what kind of person Geoffrey was. How could he still be alive after pulling one of his legs off?

The thought of that caused him to briefly remember the dark-skinned middle-aged man. He had been able to block a hit from Kurdak, a high-order...

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