Book 4 Chapter 463


'Greatbear of the Rusted Blood -- Shame of the Empire!'

That was the new headline Melindor daily used a few days after Kurdak's capture. Even though he hadn't been brought back yet, word of his capture by the wandering lance had spread.

In the article, the newspaper described Kurdak as a deserter who attacked a kingdom official and harmed the first prince. Every single one of those allegations was a huge offense. Some other tabloids irresponsibly guessed that Kurdak was a spy sent by the Stokian military.

In an instant, everyone in Melindor was enraged. A small number of people even held a protest parade in the center of the capital and demanded for the empire to rescind the military merit given to Kurdak and have him beheaded. Some 'patriots' even believed that everyone associated with Kurdak should...

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