Book 4 Chapter 459

An Idiot

"Londo!" Kurdak cried and struggled to stand as if he had recovered his movement as he watched Londo being blasted away by Geoffrey's fireball.

Geoffrey then knocked Kurdak back on the ground with a magic missile. He then went to Londo and kicked him down again as he tried to stand.

"Wanna run? Wanna stand?" Geoffrey's gaze turned cold as he grumbled while cutting Londo's right leg off with ice blades.

The bullish man had lost both legs and a left hand almost immediately and became a cripple.

"Nobody shall resist me!" Seeing blood seemed to trigger Geoffrey's sadistic tendencies. He licked his lips and tasted the blood at the corners of his mouth before he began his incantation anew.

A green light concentrated around Geoffrey's hand. Kurdak felt like he was in an icy cave. He was going to kill Londo! His close brother! Geoffrey...

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