Book 4 Chapter 454


"Darn it! Eibron you dog, you dare tie me up?!" Londo roared. As he was far too noisy, he had to be left tied up alone in his tent. Even so, he never stopped cursing as if that was the only way he could vent.

The guards felt like laughing when they heard the insults. All the officers of the unit, including the commander were far from normal. Only Eibron appeared to be the more serious, orthodox kind. They were just barely holding themselves back at the insults Londo fashioned for Eibron.

However, the fellow continued on for a few hours. It was now three in the night and he didn't show any sign of stopping. Even so, the guards were more or less used to it. Perhaps because Londo didn't have a good education, his vocabulary was quite limited....

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