Book 4 Chapter 453

Londo the Impatient

[Must I do this?] Even though it had been done, Leguna still felt rather unsettled about it.

[You must,] Gahrona said, [Desertion, assault on a governor, Kurdak's now a traitor of Hocke. If you don't make it clear that you have nothing to do with him anymore, you're likely to get dragged into it.]


[But what?] Gahrona said mockingly, [Weren't you the one who hated him so badly back then? Why are you hesitating now? Wasn't he someone who betrayed you?]

[I just feel that kicking him when he's down is rather distasteful… And perhaps he really had his troubles and reasons for it…] For some reason, even though he was the one who cursed out at Kurdak for betraying him, he would defend Kurdak when others were badmouthing him.

[Alright, whatever you say,] Gahrona said helplessly, [No matter his intentions, it's still best to make your stance...

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