Book 4 Chapter 443

Innilis the Magus

Innilis wasn't sure what Eirinn said or did once she went in. All she remembered was that it was a really quiet night without wind or snow. Everything was silent. Only the lights in the room remained.

The next day, Leguna walked out with Eirinn. Even though she was almost a high-order priestess, she seemed completely expended by the time she got out. Her face looked pale, however, she still wore a warm smile as Leguna had finally left.

He looked a little worse off than Eirinn with his eyes red and sported some eyebags. It was painfully apparent that he had cried, but he didn't bawl. As a man, he couldn't cry as loudly as someone like Innilis, even when one of his most trusted people betrayed him.

Innilis didn't sleep a wink through the...

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