Book 4 Chapter 442

Eirinn to the Rescue

"Sis Annie… What really happened to Big Brother Leguna?" Eirinn was called out by Alaine the next day. Alaine didn't know what really happened, but she could tell Annelotte was worried about something.

She knew that Annelotte wasn't someone who showed her feelings openly, so she was quite shocked when she heard her bring up Leguna. She quickly ran to Eirinn and yapped a ton, causing the half-elf to lose all color on her face. The way Alaine made it sound, Leguna was at the brink of his death and about to pass.

"Miss, I'll be excusing myself now." Alaine knew that the three women and Leguna had an intricate relationship while she was a mere maidservant of no real consequence. There were some things she didn't deserve to know.

"Thanks for all that," Annelotte said with a grateful nod.

Though Alaine still...

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