Book 4 Chapter 440

It's Over

Lighteater wasn't stained in blood as it didn't cut Kurdak. At the very last second, he looked down at Kurdak beneath his feet and something finally changed his mind.

It was the scars on him, specifically, the ones on Kurdak's right rib. They were three slash wounds, each about as thick as an infant's palm, and the fourth was as deep as a thumb. They were so garish they could make a timid girl cry on sight, and Kurdak had incurred them some three to four years ago. He had tried to save Leguna and was almost killed by the crimsonblood bear.

Those scars reminded Leguna about the earliest memories he had of Kurdak. The open and bright man who often patted his shoulder hard, the one who wasn't a few years older than him but cared for him like a parent.

Even though he wanted to...

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