Book 4 Chapter 439

Killing Intent


Annelotte didn't care whether he believed her or not. Kurdak had approached them without warning and tried to kill Leguna!

Leguna only looked at her with a smile which confused her. So, she missed the crucial time to dictate.

I won't make it! Annelotte thought. She intended to use an instant cast to block the strike for him.

But at that moment, Leguna vanished. He had blinked behind Kurdak!

Kurdak could feel Leguna's movements in mid-air. He surged his impetus as best he could and prevented himself from getting hurt by him.


He groaned and his crimson red impetus surged. A normal person would've been injured by the temperature of the impetus, but Leguna wasn't as his impetus was powerful enough to rival Kurdak's, not to mention...

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