Book 4 Chapter 438


If Kurdak wanted to kill him. Leguna wouldn't resist no matter how badly it hurt him.

It was the Kurdak that cared for him and saved his life multiple times. If needed, he wouldn't mind giving his life for his sake.

However, he couldn't tolerate her for harming Annelotte. That was the one thing he wouldn't yield, He stared at Kurdak with an angered look for the first time in his life.

"Hmph! Why did you snap out of it so quickly?" Kurdak said, looking annoyed. The opportunity he got just now was the best if he wanted to kill those two, but now, it wouldn't be as easy for him to face off against two gifted.

"I'm asking you why!" Leguna said hoarsely, his voice sounded like metal grating against metal.

Kurdak watched Leguna's...

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