Book 4 Chapter 427

Yet Another Stokian

"Could it be him?" Leguna asked.

"In terms of ability, Grandmaster Myr is the most probable one," Annelotte said with a furrowed brow, "Even though the conference spell is a simple one, Innie was researching magic cannons for the past month as you've said. Few people in Melindor apart from Myr would be able to use spells so near me without me detecting the mana waves."

"Sis Annie…"

"What is it?"

"Actually--" Innilis looked Eirinn in the eye for a moment. "--Actually, that voice played a part in something else. Most of my breakthroughs in herbalism came from it."

"From it?" the three asked in unison.

"Some of the thoughts I have on herbalism occur to me in dreams," Innilis explained, "It explained that it created them."

"Mental Guidance, huh?" If that person could use Mental...

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