Book 4 Chapter 426


"Innie…" Leguna finally spoke after she had made her way out of the room.

But she didn't respond at all. She didn't think Leguna would speak out to get her to stay. She was so dejected she couldn't hear the sound of the youth calling her. She felt it was impossible for that to happen.

"Innie," Leguna repeated, this time with a louder volume.

Innilis heard it this time and felt a tingle through her body, but she didn't turn back immediately. She was afraid she had misheard and couldn't bear to fall back into the abyss of despair after crawling out of it once more. She carefully turned and looked back with an expression of terror, like that of a moth heading to a flame.

Leguna felt a wince in his heart at the pitiful sight. He was surprisingly silent; he didn't know what he should say.

The glow in Innilis's eyes gradually...

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