Book 4 Chapter 422


Snow started to fall along with the night. During that snowy night, most of the city's residents chose to stay home and keep warm. Melindor was quiet and peaceful just like the ancient and quiet village it used to be.

However, not everyone chose to remain indoors. At the very least, there were two people standing in the yard outside the church. The falling snow slowly painted white spots on their heads.

"Why isn't it done yet?" Leguna said by the entrance, anxiously.

He seemed no different from a husband waiting for his wife's successful delivery of the baby outside the operating theater.

"Don't be so impatient, Big Brother Leguna."

Eirinn tossed a calming divine miracle his way; it was already the fourth one. Even so, Leguna's impatience still skyrocketed to the point he was immune to Pyro's mi...

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