Book 4 Chapter 409

One's Help

Sasha didn't respond. She held Ebony in her hand and slowly approached Leguna's left arm.

Leguna currently had his upper body bared. Under the illumination of the moonlight, the garish wound looked rather eerie.

"Cut off the torn flesh. Don't need to worry about me," he said weakly, having lost much of his blood. He smiled at her encouragingly. "Don't be afraid. You know how to cook, don't you?"

Sasha nodded forcefully. As there were only two people in her home, she would often cook.

"Good. Just think of it as cutting a steak," he said nonchalantly, despite knowing that it would hurt.

However, that only troubled her. She came from a poor household and it would already be quite fortunate for them to get wheat bread. What was cutting a steak like?

She told him of her troubles, much to his flabbergastment....

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