Book 4 Chapter 408


What a cruel woman! Leguna thought, his anger building. He had no choice but to blink in front of Sasha and prepared to deflect the knife with his sword.

Lighteater did, in fact, knock on the knife, but instead of falling down, the knife exploded. It wasn't enough to harm a person, but the smoke from the explosion made a thick smokescreen. Leguna was taken off guard and blinded.

"Agh!" he cried in pain.

"Our agency had the magic academy make these knives, you see. Even if they don't hurt anyone, they can still seal off your vision."

One was hurt, but her voice didn't sound perturbed. She moved about without a sound.

"I wonder what you'll do next, Mister Dark Requiem…"

"Naturally, given your abilities, I don't think I'm capable of holding you here," One said as she tended her wounds,...

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