Book 4 Chapter 399



Leguna's jaw dropped. It was wide enough to fit a whole apple through it. He rode around Lamir twice and looked at her with his neck stretched out like he was looking at a rare specimen.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Is there anything on my face?" Lamir said with a flushed face, unable to stand his odd gaze.

It was embarrassing enough to announce what she just did, but the odd reaction of the youth made her quite uncomfortable. Even a burly man like Kurdak wouldn't necessarily know how to react to that.

"No, I was just surprised that this was how it all developed. It's completely different from the script I had in mind!" Leguna said, puzzled, "Do you really like Boss?"

"Of course. I, Lamir, have my sights on Kurdak, so what? You wanna stand up for your Sis Vera and kill me or something?" she said haughtily.

She knew she couldn't hold back at this point in time....

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