Book 4 Chapter 398

Seeing Lamir Again

Unlike the last few times, Leguna's current excursion was a rather relaxed one. He really felt that he could no longer stay in the bureau any longer. Since Xeno was doing well over there, he could definitely be the acting bureau head for the time being.

Leguna wasn't concerned about Xeno doing anything behind his back either. First, Xeno was a Stokian, so while the others in the bureau would listen to his instructions, they wouldn't go beyond anything that was appropriate for the sake of a Stokian.

Additionally, Leguna wouldn't really let Xeno alone without any supervision. He left an informant in the bureau to supervise Xeno's every move. Not to mention, he believed Larwin definitely had his Monitors planted in the bureau as well to keep an eye on things after the last few...

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