Book 4 Chapter 397

Forgive Me

"Does Sis Annie know about this?" Eirinn asked worriedly.

Ever since Fort Kesta, Annelotte had become another pillar she could rely on.

Annelotte had shown herself to be capable of almost everything over the years, ranging from becoming champion in the tournament, restoring her face, researching magic cannons which even the alchemists couldn't replicate, and killing Saron, whom even Leguna couldn't defeat. So, ever since Annelotte saved Leguna from Saron, Eirinn grew to depend on and trust in her.

"I will tell Annie, don't worry," Leguna replied with a smile.

Since Leguna wasn't going to hide it from her, that seemed to suggest it wouldn't be that dangerous. Though it didn't logically follow, that was simply how she thought...

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