Book 4 Chapter 396

The Gear's Location

"Alissanda, huh?" Leguna muttered as he put down a report.

He had just dealt with the day's reports. Even though the loss of Fort Kesta put Hocke in a passive position, Leguna's best efforts saved the empire from being swarmed by the Stokians on the western front.

That wasn't only due to his and the bureau's efforts in gathering crucial intelligence, however. Alissanda's Goldeagle brigade had performed impressively as well.

Leguna had never seen such a ridiculous unit before. Even though they were only five-hundred strong, they were a full knight brigade's equal. And if they fought one on the battlefield, they would crush it without problem.

The reason the Stokians didn't invade the empire through Fort Kesta was the presence of Goldeagle. Alissanda split his...

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