Book 4 Chapter 395

The Devil Inside

"Huh? What's wrong with me again? Can't I be happy for Eirinn now that she's recovered?" Leguna said with a furrowed brow He didn't mind what Alaine said to him, but if that made Eirinn unhappy, he would have a bone to pick with her.

"Hmph!" Alaine merely looked in the direction Innilis left. "You're so happy that you forgot all Innie had done and didn't even thank her!"

"Ugh…" He only just noticed her absence and scratched his head awkwardly, before shooting Annelotte a helpless look.

"I will help stabilize the effects of the spell. You can go," she replied.

"Ummm. thanks…" he said before he escaped Marolyt and Alaine's killer gazes.


I can't get mad! I can't get jealous!...

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