Book 4 Chapter 394


Eirinn had spent 18 long years waiting for that day. It was a really meaningful event for her as from then on, she would never ever be called ugly again and wouldn't have to endure the contemptuous gazes others so often shot her. She would become normal.

Even though the spell used was only a limited wishing spell that didn't require too much preparation, quite a number of people came over to witness it as it was a milestone for Eirinn, a turning point in her life.

Apart from the spell user, Annelotte, Leguna, Innilis, Marolyt and even Annelotte's maidservant, Alaine, were there.

"Long time no see, Mister Lecher!" Alaine said while shooting him a hateful look.

She had heard that her mistress risked her life to fight Saron to save Leguna. Why is he so weak and needs her to protect him? But then...

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