Book 4 Chapter 381

Annelotte's Wrath

"Return it to me!" Leguna said glumly.

His whole body tensed up as if he was trying to break his bindings with sheer force. He remembered his promise and knew he had the pendant on him, but he had never had the intention of calling her no matter how bad things got. Part of it was due to his male pride that didn't allow him to entertain the thought of being saved by a woman, one that he loved, even. More importantly, he didn't want to put her at risk. If he couldn't deal with this situation well, who's to say she could? Asking her to come would only put her in unnecessary risk, something he would not allow himself to do.

"Do you think you have the right to ask for such a thing?" Saron laughed at Leguna's stupidity.

If he hadn't reacted so strongly to the pendant, Saron might not have been so...

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