Book 4 Chapter 380


Leguna felt a splash of cold water on his face and snapped awake. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around to assess his situation.

"Oh, as expected of Mister Dark Requiem. Your constitution really isn't like normal high-order warriors!" a soldier said to his partner, "Look, he's still fine after taking so many beatings."

"No matter how strong he is, didn't he lose to Sir Saron?" said the other. He looked curiously at Leguna and spat on his face. "Ptooey! What's so great about Dark Requiem? He's just a snot-nosed brat who is subject to our whims!"

Leguna listened to them groggily and opened his eyes slowly. The ropes that bound him were specially made with magic and made it impossible for him to exert any force. His impetus nodes were also sealed, and he...

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