Book 4 Chapter 379

Kurdak's Worry

"Lass!" Kurdak yelled in the camp. Even though he was now a commander with five thousand subordinates, he didn't look all that different from the slovenly mercenary he was before.

But since the formation of his independent combat unit after the battle of Seatide, he was no longer the sole officer there. Blackie, Londo and Eibron had also been promoted from lieutenants to captains.

It could be said to be a coincidence. If a normal soldier was made to be Kurdak's subordinate, he would no doubt be filled with complaints about the whole thing.

Only thugs like Blackie and Londo could deal with him, and they even saw him as the most thuggish of them all. Even though the others call him commander and captain, they had personally thought of him as their boss. Even if they weren't at war, they would go around...

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