Book 4 Chapter 376

Fighting Saron Again

"Where does Saron live? What's he doing right now?" Leguna asked with Ebony held against the neck of a patrol soldier.

"Lord Saron should be living in what used to be the general's quarters. He should be sleeping now," the guard replied with fear.

"Sleeping? Why would a magus sleep? You dare lie to me?" His eyes glowed savagely.

"No, I'm not! He's really asleep, but I don't know why!" the guard whispered in haste, "Please, I beg you, I have two children I have to care for! I won't tell anyone you're here!"

"Thanks," Leguna smiled before he slit the guard's throat.

He hid the corpse and questioned two more guards. After ensuring that their stories lined up, he started to make his way for General Tamro's quarters.

Tamro lived in the central keep of Fort...

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