Book 4 Chapter 375

You Can Trust Me

Strictly speaking, Annelotte wasn't that close to Eirinn. In fact, they were practically strangers. They had only met a number of times and didn't speak much to each other.

But Annelotte understood how much Eirinn meant to Leguna, and something must have been serious enough to cause him to leave her unattended. Without him there, she felt she should take care of her in his stead.

When she entered, Eirinn was laid on the bed with a blank look. Her expression shifted when she saw Annelotte just like when she saw Christine. She shrunk back in fear and muttered, "No… don't come… don't hurt me… Miss Annie, I… I… won't leave Big Brother Leguna… I know you hate me, but…"

A look of grief appeared on her face as she said so. "But… Big Brother Leguna has left me… He no longer wants m...

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