Book 4 Chapter 358

Duel (5)

Leguna used Shadow Blink when the fist was only a centimeter away. Even so, the blast from the impetus surrounding the fist caused his face to feel struck.

He also committed another mistake: he didn't understand how much stronger Legg actually got.

He didn't blink too far away from Legg, choosing instead to appear behind him for another crippling strike to the legs to slow the barbarian even further.

While Legg wasn't thinking clearly in that state, he turned around to face Leguna without hesitation and gave his chest another kick. Leguna flew off like a kite with a broken line.

That wasn't the end of it. Legg used his gift after the kick and manifested a stone pillar below Leguna that smashed into his back. He felt as if his waist was about to snap.

[Don't go hard...

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