Book 4 Chapter 357

Duel (4)

As Gahrona continuously siphoned spiritual energy into Ebony, its curse ability began to grow more and more. While the higher order status effects like corrosion, blind and pain wouldn't work much on Legg, simpler ones like weaken or slow that didn't harm the enemy directly would still be effective.

When Leguna's words fell, Legg felt a sense of fatigue from within his body.

"A curse ability" Legg said with a hint of shock. "I didn't think you'd have that kind of weapon too! Both your weapons are amazing!"

"Of course," Leguna bragged. There wasn't a need to be humble. Ebony was the dagger used by Gahrona Shadowedge, and Lighteater used to be the blade Soulscarfer Wellingdon used. How could those two saints use anything subpar?

While Leguna knew the origins of Ebony...

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