Book 4 Chapter 355

Duel (2)

Legg was dressed exceedingly simply that day. He wore only a pair of long beastskin pants and bared his upper body, wearing only a fang necklace around his neck. On both his arms were thick wrist guards, and he tied his long, black hair into a ponytail he wore behind his head.

Leguna looked at the muscles on the barbarian and his eyelids couldn't help but twitch. "Aren't you going to wear other equipment?"

"How much equipment do you think we have here?" Legg said with a chuckle, "We barbarians aren't nearly as rich as you humans."

"Hah, have you become addicted to mocking me?"

Leguna frowned when he noticed Legg was barefoot. He didn't even bother to wear shoes!

"Weren't you having the greatest time showing off?"

Legg's mastery of the common tongue was only getting better.

Leguna couldn't be bothered to argue...

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