Book 4 Chapter 354

Duel (1)

As such, Larwin had a few talks with Arikos in the end and finally settled on leaving the relatively desolate lands of the north to the barbarians. Though, that land was already far more fertile than what the barbarians had. That way, they could win their loyalty and solve the barbarian plight. However, the biggest threat faced by the empire, Stok, was still a huge problem.

"Then why didn't you notify me about it first? Why hide it from me?" Leguna pressed.

"Hey! How could I know what kind of stance Legg had?" Arikos argued, "He's full of muscle and is almost unpredictable. If he falls in love with you and promised to not send his troops south, then we wouldn't even need to give that land away! Though solving this through negotiation didn't seem highly...

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