Book 4 Chapter 353

Negotiations (3)

Legg gave it some thought.

"What are you suggesting, more specifically?"

"Both our sides will send a representative into battle," Arikos said, "If we win, then the barbarians are obligated to serve the empire with all they have and pledge the emperor their eternal loyalty. Should that happen, we'll make sure the barbarians will have a province to live in."

"You want us to subjugate ourselves?" Legg said, his eyes narrow.

"Yes," Arikos nodded.

"What if we win?" Legg asked, suppressing his rage.

"We will give a province to you unconditionally, and you will only have to help us with limited resources. How much you are expected to contribute can be discussed at a later date."

"So we'll have support your war win or lose?  And you call us shameless."

"True, but win or...

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