Book 4 Chapter 339

Ambassador Plan

"Then what do you all think about the barbarian king?" Larwin said as he swooped his gaze across the room.

"Your Imperial Majesty," Andro began gingerly, "since normal experts wouldn't be able to take care of him, can't we request Mister Marolyt to do it?"

"That is our last resort," Larwin said with a shrug, "Mister Marolyt is our guest. He is not obligated to help our empire deal with our problems. The first emperor before me promised him exactly that to convince him to stay in Melindor. Unless we have no other choice, it's best for us to not trouble him."

Even though he lived off us for free for so many years, he doesn't want to help out in the slightest. Galestorm Swordsaint? More like Deadbeat Stingypauper. How shameless of him, Andro couldn't help but think. While the money the empire spent on Marolyt wasn't that much, Andro was still quite dissatisfied with wasting gold coin on someone who won't repay...

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