Book 4 Chapter 338

Barbarian King Legg

"The barbarian king... hmmm..." Larwin's thick fingers rapped on the table while he was in thought. "Does the bureau have any way of assassinating him?"

"Assassination?" Leguna widened his eyes in surprise before he shook his head oddly. "I'm afraid that will be a tough ordeal. According to our reports, the barbarian king's might is not to be underestimated. Even though he's young, he's a powerful 18th-stratum warrior. And...""

"And what?"

"And... he's also a gifted. He relied on his gifts to defeat the previous barbarian king."

"Gifted?" Larwin furrowed his golden brows. "I recall there was a barbarian gifted that participated in the tournament we hosted. Why is the current barbarian king a gifted as well? The northern highlands only have a population of around 200 thousand, so they...

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