Book 4 Chapter 336


"The bureau, a cooperative effort between the empire and Moonshadow, actually fell short to the enemy's own spy operations and you still dare to laugh!" Myr's eyes widened. Though the slender old man's height only reached up to Leguna's chin, Leguna still felt like he was faced with a titan.

"It pains me to say it, but yeah…" he said.

"Pains you? You're the least hurt from all of this!" Myr's saliva sputtered all over his face. Leguna didn't think that the titan in the world of magic would actually do something so inelegant and distasteful. Though he wanted to wipe it off, he stopped himself from doing so in considering Myr's current mood, allowing more droplets to continue to gather on his face.

"They were right under your noses in Melindor! Even I feel ashamed for you!" The old man said as he patted Leguna's cheek nonstop.

"Yes, yes…" He hurriedly lowered his head.

"Don't put me off like that!" Myr was quite dissatisfied with Leguna's perfunctory responses. He waved...

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