Book 4 Chapter 335

Master Myr

"Did I... fall asleep?" Annelotte said, surprised. Even though she was tired, it was the first time she dozed off like that. Did she relax her guard around Leguna? What kind of joke was that?

"Maybe you're just tired," Leguna said, trying his best to keep cool.

"How did you approach me?" She knew how alert she was even in her sleep. The assassin back then only had to touch the door to her room the slightest bit to wake her. Oddly, she didn't notice Leguna until he lifted her up.

"I... I only held you up a little gently."

After a moment of silence, she whispered, "Put me down..."

"Okay..." But just as he was about to do so, he noticed that her legs were bare. The slipper she was wearing had fallen off. The girl's bare right foot sported finely tended nails and looked...

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