Book 4 Chapter 324

Two Schools

The officials all gasped when they heard it. They understood the weight Larwin's words carried.

If the school of magic was really formed, it would no doubt be one of the most powerful and influential institutions in the empire. While that might not show in the initial stages, as long as the school began operation, it would grow to be crucial to the empire in time.

One of the main reasons for that was that the school could help produce tens of thousands of magi regardless of rank as was apparent with Stok's own academy. Not only that, the yield from the research conducted by the Stokian school of magic was for all to see. There were improved potions, powerful antidotes, magic cannons and so on. The school in Stok influenced almost every aspect of their society. Given how fervent the southerners worshipped magic, magi were almost hailed as gods there.

There was a saying in Stok among its people that went, 'it's better to be an honor student in...

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