Book 4 Chapter 316

Magic Cannon Replication

"Leguna!" Annelotte cried out in shock. Even though she was mad about the foolish ramblings of the magi, killing them because of it was something she couldn't bring herself to do.

"Leave this to me," he said with a flat tone. But Annelotte heard an unmistakable determination in his voice.

The glacial girl carefully asked, "You haven't lost control, have you?"

She had heard her father say that Leguna would occasionally experience insatiable bloodlust due to the influence of Host of Darkness, and that she should stop him if he entered that state. She instantly suspected that was the case when she saw him kill that low-order magus without hesitation.

But it seemed she had worried excessively this time. He shook his head and whispered, "I'm fine. These fellows are simply far too arrogant and they won't stop being so...

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