Book 4 Chapter 314

Magic Academy

Since Leguna promised to maintain their relationship as it was, they pretended that nothing happened that night. In actuality, however, it wasn't practically possible.

Annelotte was all dazed and hazy the rest of the night and it lasted all the way till morning. Even now, she still didn't understand what had happened. Why was she so intimate with him? Were those really manifestations of her true feelings?

She had fussed over those questions throughout the night without getting an ounce of sleep. During breakfast, Leguna almost burst out laughing when he saw her almost stuffing an egg into her nose. Fortunately, he had done his part crucially well and he wasn't in a rush to snap her out of it. He would let her come to terms with her feelings at her own pace and believed that one day she would get used to it.

"By the way, Annie..."...

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