Book 4 Chapter 311

Lisana's Aid

Though the destruction of the cannons caused the troops at Seatide to be overwhelmed, besieging such a large city was still no simple affair.

The Hockian soldiers had fumed with rage over the presence of the cannons lately and now that they had finally been dispatched, they were invigorated and charged for their enemies like hungry wolves.

Even with the disparity in numbers and morale between the both sides, the siege lasted more than ten hours. The start of the battle was marked by the horn signal blown at dawn. By the time the Hockians began cleaning up the battlefield, it was already midnight. Seatide was still rather busy at that time, both because of the Hockian troops who just entered and set up camp as well as the citizens they welcomed them.

Seatide had always been a Hockian city. Most of its...

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