Book 4 Chapter 310

Annelotte's Request

"Which bastard here dares to court death and block my sword?!" roared Londo. He turned around only to see Leguna snickering at him.

Leguna hadn't managed to hold back in the crucial moment, so he almost caused Londo to fall. He felt rather apologetic about it and didn't mind all the yelling he was getting. "Long time no see, Uncle Londo," he said with a smile.

Londo looked rather shocked to hear that. He squinted at Leguna and asked hesitantly, "Who are you, little friend?"

The slow-witted man had forgotten Leguna almost completely after half a year of not meeting. Now, he only felt that the face looked familiar, but he couldn't recall who it was. He didn't doubt Leguna for being a Stokian, though as a Hockian badge bearing an eagle could be seen on his leather armor.


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