Book 4 Chapter 309

Magus Killer Londo

A few low-order magi rushed to the walls. They were part of the Stokian troops defending Seatide and they had studied up on some knowledge about magic cannon maintenance. They had two missions: to identify the malfunction with the cannons and determining whether they could be fixed within a short time, as well as helping the other Stokian troops weather the enemy's charge.

"It won't do. The internal power source has completely been ruined. There's no way we can get them running again quickly," concluded one magus.

"Darn! How in the world did they do it? There's not even a single mark on these cannons! How did the fire crystals fail?" another magus asked.

"It could be that low temperatures caused them to fail. I can't think of any other reason."

"You're saying these fire crystals were ruined by the 'low temperatures' of summer?! Stop joking around! It...

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