Book 4 Chapter 305

Myth-rank Magus

The middle-aged man stared at the Stokian guards and shook his head with frustration.

Since it was your failing, bear the consequences for your mistake! thought the man before he turned around and vanished from the wall.


"This mission went surprisingly well."

Leguna was rather tired, but he was quite excited on the way back. He had finished his mission without mistake and everything go right for once was quite enjoyable.

Annelotte kept quiet. The glacial girl's face was gloomy, a trace of rage in her eyes.

"Eh? What's wrong?" Leguna asked.

Didn't the mission go well? Why was she mad? Her mood swung faster than the shortest pendulum!

"It's about time for payback," she said after a silent pause.

"Huh? Did something happen?"

[You took her into a male toilet,]...

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