Book 4 Chapter 304

Relaxing Mission

[Hey!] Annelotte patted Leguna on the shoulder. After so many years, she still mostly addressed him with a curt 'hey' instead of using his name.

'What?' Leguna conveyed with hand gestures, 'Got a method?'

[This cannon is already ruined. Its power core is actually a power crystal. Low temperatures can destroy it.]

'But I can't create low temperatures. You aren't asking me to stuff ice into the cannons, are you?' He had completely no clue with regards to magical machinery and didn't understand the significance of them being fire crystals.

[Idiot! Fire crystals are structurally weak in the first place and you only have to shatter it to make it lose its effect.]

'So I only have to slash it once or twice?' he waved.

[That's right.] Annelotte stretched her hand out to hold on to...

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