Book 4 Chapter 303

The Magic Cannon's Weakness


Leguna cut the throat of that guard open with Lighteater in an instant.

"That was really close... I actually blinked to a place like this..." Leguna spat with his brows furrowed.

It wasn't the enemy he had a problem with. Instead, the tower he appeared inside was actually a toilet.

The poor Stokian guard happened to be relieving himself during a patrol. Yet, he didn't think that trip to the lavatory would cost him his life.

[Annie's going to transfer here in another three minutes,] Gahrona plainly said.

There wasn't enough time for him to find a quiet place in that time. If he wanted to keep his cover, the best choice would be to stay put where he was.

However, he could already imagine her response if she found herself in a place like this. He believed that his life would be less in danger outside...

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